Double Dream Ranch
2200 Creechville Rd.
Ennis, TX  75119

Thanks for visiting our ranch.
Home of miniature zebu livestock.
We have something for everyone.

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Jeff & Deb bought their first miniature nearly 20 years ago and since have enjoyed raising the babies in multiple breeds.  Many have come and gone now, but we really love to see the new owners who get as excited as we do whenever a new  little one is born. 

 We have watched many of our babies go home with 4-H & FFA students and thrilled with each one when their animal won in the show ring or delivered a wonderful new addition to their farm.   

Miniatures are wonderful to come home to.  They welcome me each day by calling to me as I drive in the gate and running to the nearest fence corner to see me.  
Get one today and I guaranty that you will want more too!
Currently raise: Miniature Zebu cattle.
Formerly raised: Miniature Donkeys, Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Llamas, Miniature Horses