Fun Shots 
around the ranch
Double Dream Ranch
Ennis, Texas
Best Friends: Ice & Ruckus
Triplet baby goats in flower basket in bluebonnets.
Albino bluebonnets??
Miniature horses with a 4 year old. They love the little ones.
All tuckered out after a hard day.
Anything can be a toy. Lots of colors here.
Baby llama accepted by everyone.
Britney at 4 with a new baby donkey loose in the pen.  This is how great baby donkeys are!!!
SNOW in Texas ... March 2007
Home in the woods.
Grasshoppers big as cows?  
Only in Texas.
Take a break on the pig and smell the flowers.
Meg with a baby donkey - just huggable..
couple of mini zebu calves taking it easy in the TEXAS HEAT.
Amazing 2 color bougainvillea Fall 2013 
Amazing Crepe Myrtle October 2013 
Gotta love the baby Zebu... so cute and about 24" tall!
One white eyelash, other side is black. 
Just like his momma.
bluebonnets out in wild
llamas, cows, horses all sharing pastures
Look Momma what is she aiming at me?
Baby Zebu so tiny and cute